Various Pictures that were sitting my my harddrive

flowerBoy.jpg (34108 bytes) I think we all know what was done to this flower before he put it on his head
noShoes.jpg (39692 bytes) Jason's had a bit too much to drink
pyho2.gif (186593 bytes) I've alot of these guys
garage.jpg (72121 bytes) A picture is worth a thousand words
starwars.jpg (110398 bytes) Look closer   LOL
Kayla.jpg (20617 bytes) A perfect angel
P000671b.JPG (21327 bytes) Again, too much beer
P001075.jpg (28583 bytes) And even more beer
P000478b.JPG (32853 bytes) Ahh, thats nice
P000461b.JPG (29388 bytes) I'm not even going to try and guess
P000446b.JPG (40730 bytes) No guess on this one either
P000452b.JPG (38631 bytes) His mother must be so proud  :-)
P000454b.JPG (32990 bytes) Oops
P000462b.JPG (44832 bytes) Umm.........
P001092.jpg (28595 bytes) Kids, what else can I say