A True Love Is...

1.A friend
2.One who needs a friend
3.A lover
4.One who needs a lover
5.A confidant
6.One who needs someone to confide in
7.Someone who occasionally reminds you uncannily of your parents
at times although in different forms
8.A shoulder to cry on
9.Someone who needs a shoulder to cry on
10.Your image of heaven includes this person rather profusely
11.You can look back on the history that you created together and
both cry and laugh, hopefully at different parts
12.You are not the same person, instead two separate entities that
can combine into a supreme being
13.You plan names for your kids
14.Someone with whom you can discuss anything from menstrual
periods to bathroom talk to sexual preferences to life and death to
philosophy to science and back
15.When this other person is asleep, you can't help it if you have a
twenty page paper do the next morning, you just want to put the
universe on hold and watch them.
16.They aren't a super model, yet they are the most beautiful creature
that you have ever laid eyes upon, even after twenty years
17.You find yourself thanking God that s/he allowed you to stumble
across this other person
18.They can help you see things about yourself that you haven't seen
19.You help them see things about themselves that they haven't seen
20.You feel this uncanny sense of completeness whenever you are
around this person
21.Each of your separate concerns and victories become a shared
concern and victory
22.You love them more than anything else in this entire world
23.When you look down at your hands intertwined, you get a rush
24.When you talk to this person, even on the phone, you feel
butterflies. Especially after several years of knowing this person.
25.You are happy when your partner is happy.
26.When you hold your partner, it reminds you of something special
you held as a child - ie a stuffed animal, a pillow
27.Your love for this person grows daily
28.You've seen your partner at their worst times and the best times
29.They've seen you at your worst times and best times
30.You ask yourself, "How did I survive without this person before
31.You desire to be with this person the rest of your life (not
necessarily marriage)
32.Your heart tells you it's right
33.True love is patient
34.True love is classified as delusional
35.True love is addictive
36.True love waits, (how long, I do NOT know!)
37.Your true love can define or destroy your world
38.Your true love will not change for you.
39.You will not have to change for your true love.
40.The eyes of the other is what make it worthwhile, for in them you
can see the boundless love kept just under the surface.
41.Your true love won't leave you.
42.The little voice in the back of your head will quiet its shouting and
dire portents, for it will recognize that he/she is your true love.
43.Your true love knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it,
and when not to, to help you along

The most important thing about this list is that these feelings must be
mutual, not pressured from one another or out of guilt. Also remember,
what is meant to be, will be. That is the true meaning of life

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